Vespa Mug the Perfect Gift for the Vespa Collector

Live Vespa, Drink Vespa!
Every Vespa Scooter Collector needs a way of showing his or her love of Vespas when they are not on the road. One of our classic Sillouette Vespa Mugs or other Vespa drinkwear is the way.

Whether its at the breakfast table, staff room or in the office, these Vespa Sillouette Mugs make a great Vespa Lover Gift.

Coffee in a Vesap Mug.
A Vespa Mug is also the best gift for a male teacher or professor and the perfect gift for a male boss who has a sense of fashion and style. The Paiggio Vespa Mug is going to make him the most stylish man in the staff room or office.

As well as the classic Vespa Sillouette mug in a range of colours, for the modern Vespa rider, we also have the modern Vespa Mug which will look great on the desk or morning tea room.

The Vespa Silloutte range in modern and classic is also available in a wide range of other drinkwear, including Vespa Shot Glasses, Vespa Stiens, Vespa Sigg Bottles and more.

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